Creative Economies


Selection of some of the slides elaborated at the Panel

Diversity makes the difference: Sketch by Co-curator Christoph Weckerle illustrating how a multi-perspective examination of Creative Enterprises generates value impacting both global and local fields.

The force field of Creative Economy as sketched at the Venice Panel: Four short interventions by Desmond Hui, Raj Isar, Frédéric Martel and Andy Pratt comment on the elaborated statements by key speakers Schönholzer, Folkers and Grand.

Why You Should Buy Art: Print by artist William Powhida (2010) as elaborated by Annette Schönholzer during her statement about the impact of globalization on creative systems of the contemporary art market.

Multiple paths, mulitiple outcomes: This sketch by Gerd Volkers is an attempt to detect processes for novelties that may end up in innovation.

Globalized art market: Annette Schönholzer made this summary of Robert Fleck’s introductory chapter to “The art system in the 21st century”, where he outlines the various levels of the art industry in our day and age.