Creative Economies

Creative Economies: Research Venture

A series of strategic workshops for ZHdK focusing on the main challenges for Higher Arts Education in the years to come.

The first workshop – Leonardo Express (2015), designed by Frédéric Martel as a curator invited by CreativeEconomies: A Venture – was about digital disruption. Martel’s idea was to build a provocative, two-days closed session as a temporary cluster to create original conversations and out-of-the-box ideas to imagine the mobile arts and smart universities of the future.

The gathered perspectives will be shared and disseminated through several technologies, tools and apps. In that way the workshop will continue after it has ended. Thus, the autonomous initiatives of the participants, identifying digital disruption as their challenge or opportunity, will further develop some of the perspectives discussed beyond the workshop. In parallel, certain insights will be used to pave the way towards a next strategic workshop at ZHdK in 2016.