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Introduction: Sensemaking in a changing world: Narratives for value creation in the Creative Ecomonies

Wednesday, Oct 30th 2019, 9 AM – 5 PM

Kalkscheune Berlin | Johannisstr. 2 | 10117 Berlin

After the International Research Symposium 2018 named the diversity and complexity of the cultural and creative industries, this year’s conference will show possibilities to make them fruitful by means of new narratives, methodological approaches and specific strategies.

The aim of the development of new narratives as way of worldmaking (Goodman, 1978) and sensemaking (Madsbjerg, 2016) is to grasp the effects of the cultural and creative industries in their complexity, their complex relationships and practices and their potentials and to make them tangible in their significance for the future: nationally and internationally, in theory and practice, through the eyes of experts and the next generation, through inspiration and exchange. This is seen as a prerequisite for taking an informed position and developing focused strategies.

In the morning, the topic will be introduced and the discussion will be initiated: Thus, dominant narratives and strategies in dealing with the diversity and complexity of the cultural and creative industries will be identified (introduction), the successful implementation of new standards for narratives in the city of Barcelona will be illustrated in a practical example (Keynote I) and the role and function of data-based experiments and established as well as new methodological approaches in the context of new narratives for theory and practice will be deepened (panel).

In the afternoon, participants will have the opportunity to examine the impact of newly formulated narratives in the field of cultural and creative industries on the topics of “growth”, “innovation”, ” mid-sized companies” or “global governance” in the context of their own experience and practice as actors in the field, to reflect on their own scope for action and to discuss how to deal with it in a targeted manner (workshops).

The results will then be compiled (plenum) and their potential impact on the relationship between culture, economy and art will be reflected upon (keynote II). Examples and cases of actors of the next generation in the field of cultural and creative industries interspersed throughout the day will ensure that the discussions relate to reality.

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