Creative Economies


To explore the interconnections between economics and culture is key.

One of the fields affected by Hong Kong’s shift from an economic towards a cultural hub are the creative industries, which are located somewhere between economics and culture. Here it is particularly promising not to focus on economics and culture as separate fields, but to explore their interconnections, how they open up new spaces “in-between,” how they question established ideas of economics and culture, how they redefine this field on a global scale.

To further explore this link between culture and economics, the event is divided into two sections:

Workshop: Curating Hong Kong

The public workshop is devoted to the theme on applying the concept of curating to the study of creative economies and to the dynamic development of Hong Kong as a (creative) city. The topic will gather experts from art, science, culture and social studies from Hong Kong, to discuss how the concept of curating might apply to their respective field of work in contributing to an integrative approach to creative economy.

Panel: Shopping Art / Consuming Culture - Trend Lab Hong Kong

The panel will focus on a specific aspect of curating: shopping. In the context of a highly fragmented creative economy, shopping has become an important driver behind the way art is viewed and sold. Art Basel Hong Kong provides the backdrop for this topic, which will touch upon several case studies that examine the interplay of art, shopping, and collocated industries such as real estate and finance.