Creative Economies


How fruitful is the concept of «Curating» to the study of creative economy in Hong Kong? This question sets the stage for the panel discussion.

On November 25th 2014, the transdisciplinary and transcultural project «Connecting Spaces Hong Kong – Zurich» was launched as an initiative by Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) – aiming to develop strategies for providing orientation and for opening up innovative perspectives on the art system on a globalized, trans-local level.

In occasion of this kick-off, prominent Hong Kong-based experts from various fields were invited to to think about new ways of innovating and collaborating – focussing on the challenge of Hong Kong shifting from an economic to a cultural hub.

Main aim of the discussion was to evaluate the fruitfulness of the «Curating»-approach to the study of creative economy – continuing the topic of the Venice Panel a few months before.

The invited experts from Hong Kong – who all in very specific ways interact with the city and seek to implement changes – proved the potential of the «Curating»-approach and the need of its further exploration regarding the current changes in Hong Kong’s creative industries:

«Curating issues and the figure of the curator seem to be very important within the ongoing developments in the globalized art scene in general, and in Hong Kong in particular. These issues arise from the very dynamic development of the cultural field and from the growing interest in forging stronger identities in what are often hybrid cultural scenes.»
(Connecting Spaces – The Stage)