Creative Economies

“The Palaver on Scaling Creative Enterprises”

The twenty-first century has been marked by our almost boundless ability to imagine things at a larger, or smaller, size; at a faster speed; capable of solving complex problems using less energy. Our imagination on the topic of scale has driven technological progress, but it has also long inspired the creation of art. With the onset of industrialization in the nineteenth century, experimentation with scale across almost all disciplines accelerated to an entirely different dimension. The result of a 2015 symposium at Zurich University of the Arts, “Too Big To Scale” (Scheidegger & Spiess, 2017) brings together essays by a diverse interdisciplinary group of artists, designers, engineers, and scholars who explore the significance of scale within their respective disciplines. One of them is the essay “A Palaver on Scaling Creative Enterprises” from Simon Grand and Christoph Weckerle.