Creative Economies

“Curating as Strategy”

The essay “Curating as Strategy” by Christoph Weckerle and Simon Grand was published in “With: A Bookazine on Collaboration between Cultures, Art Forms, and Disciplines”. “With” attempts to lay out openly the 40 projects and its related activities, which took place over the course of four years at Connecting Spaces Hong Kong – Zurich with 1100 people being involved. Over the years, artists, researchers, lecturer and students, each one of them with their own interests, mind-sets and ways of doing shared a space of action. Each project found its own way to conceive, explore and experience collaboration as a process to challenge, test, confront, contrast, mirror, but mostly connect interests and practices in the field of arts and design. “With” was published by Patrick Müller and Nuria Krämer at the Zurich University of the Arts, 2018.